In the early months of 2022, I was brought on at William Grant & Sons as their freelance graphic designer. The scope of my job was to assist both brand managers in the office as well as brand ambassadors across the United States with a variety of needs. 
A very important part of my work was to create sell sheets for the various liquor brands the company owned. Each brand had their own specific set of guidelines that needed to be followed, so switching between these distinct styles was very important if the brand's feel was to be conveyed correctly.
One of the brands I very frequently worked on assets for (and happened to be my favorite brand team to work with) was Monkey Shoulder. Their vibe was very in your face, with an emphasis on old school hip hop for a lot of their marketing, as well as a very bold and distinctive style with shades of orange, blue and earth tones creating their color palette. 
Some of the more involved work that I did with the brand was creating recipe cards and cocktail strategies to be given to accounts that were utilizing Monkey in specialized cocktails - these engaging pieces allowed us to show the customer why Monkey Shoulder was the scotch to be used in a variety of drinks.
I also happened to do a lot of E-Commerce banners and social media assets for the brand as well.