A client recently asked me to re-create their portfolio website for them, updating a design that had been created in the early 2000's. The task was a large one, considering I had never fully coded a website for purposes other than minor classroom projects. Despite my lack of skill (and confidence), I took on the task and was able to create a new, modern design for my client in a reasonable amount of time.

The website, http://www.sallytobinwatercolors.com, is constantly being updated as I learn more about creating interesting and responsive web pages, so feel free to look at it as time goes on. 
When I began with this website, I sat down with the client to outline what she wanted the new website to look like. While we talked, she outlined only a few definite parameters: the first was to have a pastel pink and blue as colors for the site, another was a responsive design, and the final one was to modernize the entire look for the website. 

As you can see, the original format of the website was very underwhelming. To top it off, it wasn't responsive whatsoever, leading the website to scrunch and stack in undesirable ways when it was minimized. The only thing that the client truly liked about the site was the background that had multiple pastel colors. 
A lot of creating the new website was focused around making it responsive, something that has been a challenge for me in the past. I coded a simple column based layout that was able to stack nicely as it was resized. The rest was relatively simple, involving me putting in a slideshow of the client's favorite works on the home page as well as making clear categories for each category (and doing a little photo editing on the pictures the client sent me). 
Though the website isn't perfect, I am personally very happy with how it turned out. The client was very happy with the work I produced and I learned quite a few valuable techniques that have allowed me to play around with coding websites in different ways.