As part of a side project, I embarked on a large scale effort to create a visual brand for the space - something that could be utilized by future generations of people who will live there, throw parties, and host shows. The first step of this process was to create a logo. I took inspiration from the law offices of the 80's. Picture wood paneling, gold trim, plush leather seats, and cigar smoke wafting around. I picked a heavy block serif typeface and created a logo with an abstracted scale of justice. 
From there, I began creating a large amount of mockups - from t-shirts to drink menus to even business cards. I had to consider what mockups would and wouldn't work for what is essentially a DIY show house. I mirrored a lot of what I created by what was actually done at the house - for instance, during house shows, we wouldn't usually charge a cover fee, but we would serve drinks as a way to make money, which inspired the drink menus. There were instances where bands would come and sell their own merchandise upstairs, which inspired the idea of t-shirts and tote bags.